Empowering African consumers & SMEs
through digital ecosystems

Janngo is the first African Social Start-up Studio that leverages technology and capital to build digital ecosystems in high growth sectors by developing customer-centric and value-added services for African customers, enabling African SMEs to scale their enterprises, while creating jobs and empowerment opportunities for youth and women.

Janngo uses a three-pronged approach solution
to address economic empowerment challenges
Janngo builds start-ups to address
digital platforms needs in high growth
sectors and capacity for youth and women
on professional development and
entrepreneurial skills
Janngo grows partnering SMEs
by providing access to market
through digital platforms
Janngo invests in startups in its
portfolio and SMEs in its ecosystem
to accelerate their business
Building robust ecosystems
with emphasis on creating value for SMEs

SMEs face challenges with unoptimized supply chains, lack of funding and resources to scale, and insufficient market readiness. Rather than building standalone startups, we believe in the importance of building robust ecosystems which places emphasis on creating value for SMEs, the future of economic growth on the continent, addressing critical gaps for them to scale while absorbing and training the growing labor pool.

GDP generated by SMEs
in Africa
employed by SMEs
in Africa
with an underpresentation of women
job needs to be created
in 2030
to absorb the growing youth population in Africa